Benefits of doing business in Ottawa

Gatineau is an ideal city for the creation and development of a business. Located a few minutes from the Canadian capital, and with it the fifth largest urban agglomeration in Canada, this young and growing city offers a green and attractive setting for all entrepreneurs who want to start a business in a commercial space for lease.  


Gatineau is one of the most strategic locations in North America thanks to its location in the heart of Quebec and Ontario, Canada’s two largest provinces, and the country’s thriving economic market. Just a few hours from the U.S. border, it offers real proximity to the country’s 100 million residents, while benefiting from Canada’s advantages. 


With more than 1,900 technology companies located in the region, Gatineau is one of those ideal locations to set up a business. However, due to the local competitiveness, it is important to carefully choose the commercial space for lease in which you will establish your business. Heafey Group is here for you, offering a multitude of possibilities for commercial space for lease, ideal for starting a new business in Gatineau.

Commercial space for rent in Gatineau