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Benefits of doing business in Ottawa

As the capital of Canada, Ottawa is a city with international resonance, attracting more and more investors and entrepreneurs each year. With its famous canal, bilingualism and rich history, the quality of life in Ottawa is high and the city is a great place to live. 


Less crowded and greener than its Ontario rival Toronto, Ottawa is a great place to start a business and invest, as it is home to more technology companies than Vancouver, Montreal and Calgary. It is also ranked third among seventy-seven mid-sized cities in the Western Hemisphere in the Best Cities for Investment and Enterprise Development. 


Ranked as the most business-friendly environment, Ottawa has the highest concentration of technology talent as well as the second-highest concentration of scientists and engineers in North America, making it a competitive hub with global resonance.


With an abundance of commercial space for lease, it can sometimes be daunting for an entrepreneur to begin the necessary research to find the perfect location for their business. The Heafey Group is here for you, offering a multitude of options for commercial space for lease, ideal for starting a new business in Ottawa.

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